How to Help

It takes a true village to support the thousands of children in foster care in our own communities. You can help us with the click of a button. We will regularly post wishes and needs of REAL foster kids and you can contribute to those needs or purchase them entirely. Anything listed on our website represents needs we will do what we can to fulfill as quickly as possible. Please help us change lives through gifting kids in care the gift of feeling worthy and special. 

Think about what your gift can do for a child who has been abused or abandoned or orphaned. He or she may go from being hungry, hurt, and scared to having a chance to feel beautiful, wanted, talented, and so so special through art, dance, new clothing, glasses so they can see, or a trip to Disney World. You can help them discover something wonderful about themselves that will lead to empowerment and confidence throughout their life.

If you want to just make a donation and let us find the best way to support children in foster care, simply click on our Donate button on the Home page graphic.