Foster Swell Inc. was launched in summer 2016 as a way to better meet the needs of foster and adoptive families while also helping fund efforts to reduce the risks associated with the need for foster care services.

We are focused on giving in two different ways:

- Foster Swell Fund: We make mini grants available to help children in foster care have opportunities to explore things like dance, art, advanced therapy, horseback riding, prom, camps, tutoring sessions, vacations, college trips, and so much more. If something will better the life of a child in the state's care and it is not covered by the state's stipend, we try to help. We also support other organizations that are already doing wonderful things to prevent abuse and neglect and show children in foster care that they are LOVED and WORTHY.

- Adoption Grants: The cost to adopt is very expensive yet giving birth parents a wide variety of loving families to choose from makes adoption more feasible. Adoption expenses limit the pool of candidates for birth families and also make it much harder for families to build when their heart is to adopt. While we hope that adoptive families will have the financial means to care for any new addition to their family, we hate the idea that they must come up with thousands of dollars, often draining their entire savings, to add a new member to their family.